My 1st DNA Test

dna test 300pxI have been curious about DNA and skeptical about what it could really do for me.  But the kits were $10 off til the end of the year so curiosity and the lure of $avings won out.

A few days after ordering my  kit from FamilyTreeDNA a little envelope showed up in my mailbox.  That was smaller than I expected for such a momentous scientific test.

I read the directions carefully.  Not much to it. Just swab your cheek like on all the detective shows on TV. Except the swab has  lots of little bristles and looks more like a mascara brush than a cotton swab. And you are supposed to swab for 30-60 seconds which takes longer than you might think when firmly scraping the inside of your cheek. I counted in my head for the first cheek. Then I set my timer for the second side.

Then just sign the release form. There is a question about the country of origin of your oldest ancestor.  I wasn’t sure what to do about that. They were all born in Hungary, but the ancestral villages are in different countries now. Which one should I list? I sent an email to their help line but still have not received an answer. So I just wrote Hungary and packed up everything and sent it along.

They include a personal profile page on their website so I can update the country info and name of oldest ancestor and family tree if I choose.

So, now Im waiting impatiently for results. 🙂


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