Awaiting Lab Results!

Getting ready to turn in tonight but before I do, I just had to check on my DNA test.

Lo, and behold, the status has changed! My kit has been batched!







Hurrah for Batch#604!

So I clicked on the Check status of pending results link.

Hmmm . . .  3-4 weeks.  Longer than the commercial break.

Awaiting Lab Results




Do you ever think that TV shows give people unrealistic expectations about how long DNA analysis takes?




4 thoughts on “Awaiting Lab Results!

  1. I have found that the waiting time really varies—shortest was about five weeks from when I mailed it in, longest was over three months… I have had several family members test, and it’s led to some really interesting results. Good luck!


  2. We purchased our test at the beginning of September, 2014, returned it the end of September, and received a few results just before Christmas. But most of the markers were not finished until about a week ago. I echo Amy, “Good luck!”


      1. It’s been an interesting experience! I’m learning that DNA is not an instant result. There’s a learning curve, at least for me. Plus part of the reason we did it was for future searches by others. So the roundabout answer is, Yes, worth the wait, but frustrating in the meantime.


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