Help I’m Drowning!

drowning 2a 300pxThere is SO much good information on the Genealogy Do-Over FB group! There is the benefit of centuries of combined research experience from over 1800 members. Better make that millennia of experience!  Everyone is excited and united in their goals for doing better, doing more efficient, doing more accurately, and doing over, or at least going over.

When Thomas posted the challenge a few weeks ago the timing was perfect. I just got the new version of Legacy and planned to reenter all my dead people, one at a time. And enter the citations properly and completely. And split up my files so I have only my ancestors in one file, and separate files for my One-Name study and whatever other random people are populating my database. And I want to change my process so that I only enter people when I know that they belong. And wouldn’t it be great to use one of these software tools that the Do-Over-ers are talking about? But which one? I bought CLOOZ, but after watching the videos I still haven’t a CLOO how to use it.  The Evidentia video looks promising but would I be taking on another steep learning curve?

So today I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of information.

life preserever vertTime to grab a life preserver, get out of the water and dry off for a bit. (Am I mixing metaphors?)

I think the thing to do is to go back to my priorities. Look at what IS working in my current process and go from there. Perhaps over the next dozen weeks I will be ready to add new software and different process steps. Or it may take longer.

But right now I hear Thomas’s tune “Slow down, you move too fast . . .” playing in my head.


Remember the goals. Take it slow. And learn to walk before I swim. 😉



5 thoughts on “Help I’m Drowning!

  1. Yes, “Slow Down” is the correct tune!

    If you have noticed me among all the others, I’m coping with a process, and slightly ahead of its introduction in the series. BUT, this is a process that has bothered me during my entire active live in genealogy. Some experienced people are helping me; some equally confused folk are following this, and the rest of the people here are ignoring it.

    I bring this up, because I believe this the path I believe we should all take. I feel reasonably comfortable with the way I handle my searches, and with the way I record them — EXCEPT for the Research Log, the problem I’ve mentioned above.. I haven’t done much beyond the “reasonably exhaustive search stage,” but I feel I’m on the correct path there.

    So I focus on my “problem” area, study other posts, add advice if I think I can help and learn from everyone else. When the thirteen weeks of study have been completed, I expect to have been tools, and to have found a more focused way to work. I doubt of my tree will have grown much, or that I will have generated much genealogical proof; I’m sure I will know much more about how to do so.!


  2. I did give CLOOZ a good trial too so don’t feel bad. It does interact with Legacy somehow but it was not what I needed. I am still working with my Google Doc spreadsheets to see what I am doing in my One Name Study , and especially my One Place Study >>

    I also use the notes features in my software in a very unorthodox manner.

    I think the trick is to pinpoint where you need to build up a strong point in your genealogy.


    1. Thanks for the feedback Magda. That looks like a good format in your spreadsheet. I always include the link to the FS Image too. When I’m not lazy I write out the citation info as well. How fascinating to be researching an extinct village!


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