Where the Ancestors Are

Now that I have done my cheek swabs and sent in my DNA test, I am waiting impatiently.  Every day I tell myself they will send an email when they have processed my kit and that I don’t need to log on to their site. But before I go to bed, I log in, just in case there is some news.

Well they received my kit 4 days ago. I have no idea how long it takes for them to process. On CSI it’s done right after the commercial break, but I guess that is not a realistic reference.ancestral locations

Meanwhile, there are things to do on the site. Tonight I played with their interactive Ancestral Location Map.  Click on the ‘edit location’ button and you can enter either the current name of your ancestor’s hometown, or longitude and latitude. I put in the current town and it dropped a pin on the spot. So here are the locations of my oldest paternal and maternal Hungarian  ancestors. Sadly outside the current borders of the homeland. But that’s another story.

Happily, once the pin is in the map you can change the name of the location to the name it was known as way back then. So I did. Click on the map for a closeup. I think Gergely and Anna would appreciate that.


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