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Seeking everyone everywhere past and present with the Édes surname.

Crime-Fighting Trio Uncovered on Ancestry

Kopp sisters with guns
Illustration borrowed from (

Most people go to looking for their own families.Or like me, you might be distracted by others with your surname and get sucked into  doing a One-Name  Study. And then there’s the situation  that author Amy Stewart found herself  in, researching and writing a novel about Constance Kopp just because the story was so intriguing. Kopp, who became one of the country’s first female deputy sheriffs, lived with her sisters in the country outside Patterson, New Jersey. The sisters learned  to shoot guns to protect themselves from a local bad guy.

This has nothing to do with my family, my  surname, or even Hungarian  genealogy, my usual passion. But I read the book, and the next book, and if you love a good story so should you.

But first, check out the back story of how Amy researched these  fascinating crime-fighting sisters.

Just goes to show, you never know where genealogy research will lead you.

One Name – All the Way!

ons-tng-home-pageHere’s my 1st anniversary update from my One Name society experience.
Last year I joined the Guild of One Name Studies and then spent some months lurking around to get a feel for what it was all about. Turns out there are plenty of genealogists asking similar questions to mine. Where did my surname come from and when and why? Are the people with my surname related to me? Where have they lived and where are they now?
I tried to deny my one-name fascination for a while and tried to focus on the projects that I said I would be working on. But to no avail. A couple of months ago I bit the bullet and committed to a one name study of the Édes surname. Doing a one-name study implies the commitment to study your selected surname anywhere in the world that it exists. And that of course is where one of the big challenges come in. I have the documentation to support the contention that my Édes family line started in what was then Royal Hungary, today south-western Slovakia. My ancestors escaped from a sticky situation in Transylvania to their new home in the 1680s. To protect their innocence they changed their name from Ede to Édes, which in Hungarian are not as similar as they look. They were granted nobility by Hapsburg emperor Ferdinand III and thenceforth were known as the Noble Édes family from Madar, their new hometown.
When anglicized the surname Édes looks just like the English surname Edes which is of totally different origin. The Guild was started, without diacritics, in England and most of the members projects are for surnames from the British Isles.
Since I have no study partners I am acknowledging that problem in my project profile and welcome any research on English Edes families.

I am now starting up a new website for housing my various Édes family lines. There are about a dozen identified so far, although the trees wont be ready to post for a while longer. I have started a blog for stories of interest about Édes or Edes notables. And I am working to coordinate the various websites to create some consistency in presentation.

In the process I continue to learn more about Hungarian geography and history. And I’m finding more friends that might prove to be related.

I expect to continue to be busy in the new year.

Joining the Guild

A FB Hungarian Genealogy friend pointed me in the direction of the Guild of One Name Studies. This amazing group of people are engaged in seeking  all occurrences, past and present, of a single surname, anywhere in the world.

My interest stems from a search for my father’s relatives. He was an only child but his dad had 5 brothers and a sister. Surely he has cousins somewhere.FTB p28x

However here’s the page in Mom’s family tree book.  It shows that only Uncle Ottó had a child, and a daughter at that.  So far no luck finding cousin Margit neé Édes born I-don’t-know-when probably in somewhere-in-Hungary.

So I thought I would give a try starting from the other direction.

Our Édes family came from the Hungarian town of Mádar, now Modrany Slovakia. There are or have been hundreds of Édes folks from there, a couple of dozen of whom are now my friends.  So I am on a mission to track down all the rest of them, eventually, and see if I can find any more family connections. It’s a bit of a long shot but I enjoy the hunt.