Hungary Genealogy Toolbox

Family Search – Hungary

Hungarian  Surname Encyclopedia

Felix Game – Great Info on Hungarian Genealogy research

Steve Morse – One step searches

Hungarian cadastral Maps

Military Info:

Karl Kotlarchik’s blog on Austro-Hungarian military

Information on Officers is at this link.

Here is the e-mail address to the Hungarian military archive. You need to have good identifying information before you start (name, date of birth, and parents’ names); they do not do general, open-ended type searches. You can write them in English: hadtortenelmi.leveltar@mail.militaria.huHungarian Culture online.

Budapest Directories 

Online Directory – Magyar Telekom 

Look up town names here

Tutorials on Hungarian research

Hungarian Occupations

Hungarian abbreviations


I have found many engagements, marriages and some births by using the following wildcards + the name of the person:
Sometimes you have to be very creative in finding the right person, especially when they have a common name you can also add the town. The asterisks are necessary to cover all Hungarian spelling variations. So if you’re looking for the engagement of Mihály Kovács from Pécs you type this in the search field:
Eljeg* “Kovács Mihály” Pécs*
And then hopefully something shows up.

Also,  I have been using and have found many news articles, business ads, addresses etc.

This gives you the Budapest Archives and the National Archives.

I use for cemetery searches

1787 Map

Eastern European  Plagues and Epidemics 1300-1918

Hungary in WWII

There is a TV show in Hungary in which they help you to find your close relatives, it’s called “Keresem a családom.
Hungarian search site
Postcards from Erdély
Hungarians in DP camps post-56
Genealogical relationships 

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