Bright Shiny Objects !!

I confess I have not been keeping up with assignments on my Genealogy Do-Over. I have succumbed to the common genealogy temptation of chasing BSOs (bright shiny objects).

mylar balloons 2

After I got  my atDNA results I just had to pursue the  intriguing mystery of my British Isles ethnic makeup.  And the excitement of ‘meeting’  my closest matches.

I exchanged emails with the son of a gentleman from Transylvania who seems to be related to my GGG-grandmother. Then a delightful correspondence with my 2nd match. We scoured our extensive family trees and have not been able to find any clues about our common ancestor. I guess that will have to wait until other common matches show up.

Having been bitten by the DNA bug, I couldn’t resist chasing more distant matches up the hills and down the dales of GedMatch and Family Search. When I finally got a hold of myself I realized that I was running around in circles. Time to get back to Do-Over basics.

I made a spreadsheet fashioned after the Do-Over research log, but adapted to DNA-BSO chasing. If I can’t stop following those irresistible shiny things, at least I will document what I’m doing. And when I come back later I can see what I have learned.  Perhaps one lesson from the Do-Over has had some impact on me.

So the score today is;

BSOs – 1

Me – 1

I call that a good day!

Week 8 – 20-26 February 2015

  • Conducting Collateral Research (update 24FEB2015)Oh – I am all about collateral research. There’s a  great article on the subject  of 5th cousins  I reposted from BrotmanBlog.
    Another collateral discovery was  a record for a 3rd marriage of myGGGGG-Grandfather after myGGGGG-Grandmother died when he was in his 60s. It stated that he was a widowed grandfather. Okay, that’s a little unusual, so I have been looking for supporting documentation. None of his kids that I knew of were married at that time. Then thanks to the indexingangels at Family Search I foundGGGGG’s first 2 sons that were born in a different village. Not a guarantee that this is indeed myguy but that collateral information sure supports my case.Oh – and he had 3 more kids with wife#3. What a lively fellow he was!
  • Reviewing Offline Education Options