Crime-Fighting Trio Uncovered on Ancestry

Kopp sisters with guns
Illustration borrowed from (

Most people go to looking for their own families.Or like me, you might be distracted by others with your surname and get sucked into  doing a One-Name  Study. And then there’s the situation  that author Amy Stewart found herself  in, researching and writing a novel about Constance Kopp just because the story was so intriguing. Kopp, who became one of the country’s first female deputy sheriffs, lived with her sisters in the country outside Patterson, New Jersey. The sisters learned  to shoot guns to protect themselves from a local bad guy.

This has nothing to do with my family, my  surname, or even Hungarian  genealogy, my usual passion. But I read the book, and the next book, and if you love a good story so should you.

But first, check out the back story of how Amy researched these  fascinating crime-fighting sisters.

Just goes to show, you never know where genealogy research will lead you.

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